WORKSHOP: Virtual Platform Workshop at DAC09

Imperas and OVP are participating in a new Virtual Platform Workshop at DAC in July in San Francisco.

WEDNESDAY July 29, 9:00am - 5:30pm | Room 301

Virtual Platforms (VPs) have emerged as a cornerstone in SOC design validation and in embedded software development.� Virtual platforms, a model representation created by assembling component models, enable early software development and lead to fewer silicon re-spins and shorter time-to-market.� This workshop outlines challenges in building and utilizing VPs for software development and verification, and showcases solutions from both vendor and user perspectives.��The purpose of this workshop is to bring together people interested in this topic to promote�VPs, educate users about their potential, and to exchange usage experiences.� The intended participants are those interested in various topics associated with VP use and development: IP use, SOC, embedded system, embedded software, and software functional verification.

The workshop begins with a...

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