Video: Using the ARM DS-5 Debugger with Imperas simulators and models demonstration video

This video introduces the use of the the ARM Design Studio 5 Eclipse based debugger being used with the Imperas OVP Fast Processor models of the ARM cores and with the Imperas Simulators.

This video has several sections. Its contents are listed after the image below. Click on the section links to view the video from the start of that section.

OVP arm_ds_5 Video

  • [00:00] Start & Introduction

  • Integration of Imperas Simulators and ARM DS-5
  • [00:21] Setting up scripts and environment
  • [01:47] Starting up DS-5 and setting up a project
  • [02:07] ARM Cortex-A57MPx4 and Compiler6 walkthrough
  • [03:50] Inporting launch scripts
  • [04:09] Debug configuration

  • An ARM DS-5 debug session connected to the Imperas Simulator
  • [04:28] Starting the debug session in the debug perspective
  • [05:18] Stepping and using breakpoints and running the simulator
  • [05:45] Simulation messages from different CPU cores
  • [06:14] Session shutdown

  • Summary
  • [06:40] Wrap up.