Using Open Virtual Platforms to build, simulate and debug multiprocessor SoCs

Duncan Graham, EDA Tech Forum Article, May 22nd 2008

The Open Virtual Platforms (OVP) initiative aims to help resolve the difficulties that arise today when modeling multicore systems-on-chip (SoC) so that designers can perform early and timely test of the embedded software that will run on the end devices.

As architects continue to add more cores to meet hardware design goals, the complexity of embedded software continues to increase exponentially because of factors such as amplified software concurrency and shared on-chip resource bottlenecks.

The OVP-based platform enables early software test through powerful simulations that execute at hundreds of MIPS, that are aimed specifically at the challenge posed by multicore, and that incorporate appropriate application programming interfaces (APIs) for the modeling of processors, components and platforms.

This paper reviews the construction of a multicore SoC platform, describes how to...

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