System Level Virtual Prototyping becomes a reality with OVP donation from Imperas.

Brian Bailey – EDA Consultant

For many years, Electronic System Level (ESL) design and verification has been on the cusp of widespread adoption, but never seems to get there. Universities and companies claim to have the necessary breakthrough only to see the technology sit there for years or the company to hobble along without ever really becoming a success. Is this because ESL is failing to deliver on the promises or that the products are flawed? Is it because the preconceived notion of ESL is wrong? In this whitepaper the reasons behind this are investigated and the roles of a System Level Virtual Prototype (SLVP) will be discussed. Imperas Inc. recently announced their Open Virtual Platforms (OVP) initiative which may provide the missing piece of the puzzle to jump start successful commercial deployment of ESL flows.

Electronic Design Automation (EDA) flows are built on the fundamental premise that models are freely interchangeable amongst vendors and have interoperability amongst them. This means that models can...

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