Seeding Multicore Infrastructure

Imperas Launches Open Virtual Platforms
by Bryon Moyer, Embedded Technology Journal

Seeding a saturated solution for optimal crystal growth can be a
tricky business. The highest-quality, largest crystals grow when
given lots of time for the molecules to orient themselves in the
lattice. Seeding too late can result in chaotic explosive nucleation,
small granularity, and low quality. Seed too early, and, well, there
may not technically be a problem, but being an impatient species,
if we don�t see crystal growth quickly enough, we tend to get
bored and move the seed elsewhere.
Saturation is something of a measure of potential, of pentup
demand. There is more and more willingness to orient
along coordinated lines, but that initial seed is missing, around
which everything can congregate. The multicore market, while...

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