The MIPS M51xx family of processor cores are the first products in the entry-level Series 5 Warrior M-class CPU cores from MIPS.
The M51xx cores are superset extensions of the MIPS microAptiv family of processor cores, and maintain the class-leading performance 5-stage pipeline architecture, microMIPS code size reduction Instruction Set Architecture (ISA), the MIPS DSP Module r2, fast interrupt handling, advanced debug/profiling capabilities and comprehensive power management features.
The MIPS M6200/M6250 processor cores are ideal for microcontroller and embedded-type applications.
The M62xx cores are superset extensions of the MIPS microAptiv family, being the first M-Class processors to implement the latest MIPS Release 6 Architecture.
The M6200 and M6250 implement a 6-stage pipeline design and continue to support both MIPS32 and microMIPS ISAs.

Processor Model Variants of MIPS / Warrior / M-Class