MIPS Technologies offers the industry's broadest array of low power, high-performance embedded microprocessor cores that power hundreds of millions of products around the globe. The company develops processor cores targeted for every unique design need, from entry-level to some of the industry's highest performing cores. MIPS targets high-growth markets that are paving the way for next-generation embedded designs, including digital consumer and a growing presence in mobile applications, broadband access and networking, and state-of-the-art communications.

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MIPS Classic Processor Families

The MIPS ISA is a generic model variant that is not for a specific core implementation.

Processor Model Variants of MIPS / Classic / ISA

The M14K core is a MIPS32-compatible processor core that also executes the microMIPS code compression Instruction Set Architecture (ISA). microMIPS delivers an uncompromised level of performance with a high degree of code density. It maintains 98% of MIPS32 performance while reducing code size by 35%, translating to significant silicon cost savings.

Processor Model Variants of MIPS / Classic / M14K

The MIPS 4K is a MIPS32 Release 2 Architecture, 5-stage pipeline processor cores with a rich set of baseline embedded system design features.

The highly configurable MIPS32 4KE core family provides enhanced capabilities from the previous generation MIPS 4K processor cores, offering features such as code compression, multiple sets of 32-bit registers and larger write-back cache memories.

The MIPS32 M4K 32-bit synthesizable core provides a highly performance-efficient, feature-rich solution for a broad range of real-time, cost-sensitive embedded system applications including microcontrollers, industrial control, home management systems, digital consumer, wireless networking, automotive and storage.

Processor Model Variants of MIPS / Classic / 4K

The 24K core family product line variants started shipping in fiscal 2004 and has become one of the most successful core families in MIPS's history with more than 50 licensee companies to date. The 24K product line is based on a very efficient 8-stage pipeline that delivers excellent single-threaded performance at optimized area and power footprints. The 24KE line leverages the high-performance 24K microarchitecture and efficiently adds Digital Signal Processing (DSP) functionality while the 24KE Pro product line adds to the 24KE a flexible co-processor interface that allows designers to include custom, value-add functions to their SoC. The 24K core family has been licensed to notable companies including Atheros (acquired by Qualcomm), Broadcom, BroadLight, Cisco Systems, Lantiq, Ralink, Realtek, Sigma Designs, Renesas Electronics, Trident Microsystems, Toshiba and others.

Processor Model Variants of MIPS / Classic / 24K

The MIPS32 34K core family is a revolutionary implementation of the MIPS MT ASE designed to exploit multi-threading in embedded applications. Processing multiple software threads in parallel, 34K cores mask the effect of memory latency to deliver instant 20-40% gains in system performance and cost savings, with a very modest increase in die size. The 34K core family also meets the real-time requirements of embedded applications by giving users the ability to allocate dedicated processing bandwidth to real-time tasks.

Processor Model Variants of MIPS / Classic / 34K

The MIPS32 74K core family is the industry's first fully synthesizable processor IP to surpass 1.5 GHz in TSMC 40nmG process using industry standard libraries and EDA flows. The 74K core family is based on a superscalar microarchitecture with out-of-order (OoO) instruction dispatch. The implementation features a 15-stage pipeline to achieve high synthesizable frequencies, and supports up to 4 instructions fetched per cycle, plus up to 4 instructions issued per cycle in the 74Kf core, the version in the family with a dual issue high performance floating point unit (FPU).

Processor Model Variants of MIPS / Classic / 74K

The MIPS32 1004K Coherent Processing System (CPS) is the industry's first multi-threaded multiprocessor IP core. Incorporating multi-threading in each core in a coherent multi-core architecture enables the 1004K™ multiprocessor to surpass the performance of multi-core systems based on single-threaded processor cores. This performance boost essentially is 'free' in both hardware and software, as the additional hardware threads in the cores are minimal in size relative to a typical SoC design, and multi-threading makes use of the same Symmetric Multiprocessing (SMP) versions of operating systems and software programming models as coherent multi-core platforms.

Processor Model Variants of MIPS / Classic / 1004K

The MIPS32 1074K Coherent Processing System (CPS) is the latest coherent multiprocessor IP offering from MIPS Technologies. The 1074K CPS sets a new standard of performance within MIPS' portfolio of licensable processor IP, delivering over 15,000 CoreMark and up to 12,000 DMIPS in 40nm technology at 1.5 GHz (worst case slow corner conditions with production margins). The 1074K CPS is available as fully-synthesizable multicore IP that achieves high frequencies using commercially-available, non-custom, standard cells and memories. The 1074K CPS enables easy implementation of very high-performance multicore systems, maximum flexibility in configuration for specific features, and the ability to migrate your design across foundries, process nodes, and geometries.

Processor Model Variants of MIPS / Classic / 1074K

The MIPS 5K core family is MIPS Technologies' first generation family of synthesizable MIPS64 cores.

Processor Model Variants of MIPS / Classic / 5K