The MIPS32 1074K Coherent Processing System (CPS) is the latest coherent multiprocessor IP offering from MIPS Technologies. The 1074K CPS sets a new standard of performance within MIPS' portfolio of licensable processor IP, delivering over 15,000 CoreMark and up to 12,000 DMIPS in 40nm technology at 1.5 GHz (worst case slow corner conditions with production margins). The 1074K CPS is available as fully-synthesizable multicore IP that achieves high frequencies using commercially-available, non-custom, standard cells and memories. The 1074K CPS enables easy implementation of very high-performance multicore systems, maximum flexibility in configuration for specific features, and the ability to migrate your design across foundries, process nodes, and geometries.

Processor Model Variants of MIPS / Classic / 1074K