New Vendor Verified OVP models of MIPS M14K cores freely available

After much testing the free open source models of the MIPS M14K microMIPS core models are available from the OVP website.

These models of the MIPS32� M14K� and M14Kc� processor cores from MIPS Technologies, Inc. include example virtual platforms utilizing these cores and support for the cores in Imperas� advanced software development tools.

MIPS Technologies has verified the functionality of these models under the MIPS-Verified� program.

A press release was released today discussing the availability.

To read the full press release please browse the Press Releases section of this site.

To download the MIPS M14K models and platforms and view their source, or to watch videos of MIPS models running at 100s of MIPS, please visit the download pages.

To find out more about OVP models, please visit the models pages.