New OVPsim release available, Linux included. License charges for commercial usage

In April09 we sent out a survey to the over 1,000 OVPworld registered users, for information about how they are using OVP and some information about the direction we should take in the future. Questions included the potential for OVPsim on Linux and funding future product support and ongoing versions.

Based on feedback we are making some changes.

Until now, OVPsim has been available on Linux to Imperas commercial customers only and was funded by their commercial contracts. We are now making OVPsim available on Linux to the wider OVP community.

To enable and fund this, from the new release, OVPsim will only be free for non-commercial usage. Commercial use of OVPsim on Windows or Linux will now require a commercial license from Imperas with pricing from $300/month per user. Commercial users can download and use the free OVPsim for evaluation purposes.

You can, of course, continue to use any existing OVPsim release you have under its current 3 year license.

To find out more about the new OVPsim Linux/Windows version, and its new capabilities please visit the forums.

For more about the licensing and definitions of commercial use etc, please visit here.

Thank you for your support and interest.

Simon Davidmann
OVP Founder
CEO, Imperas