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Synopsys is a world leader in electronic design automation (EDA), supplying the global electronics market with the software, IP and services used in semiconductor design and manufacturing. Synopsys' comprehensive, integrated portfolio of implementation, verification, IP, manufacturing and FPGA solutions helps address the key challenges designers and manufacturers face today, such as power and yield management, system-to-silicon verification and time-to-results.

Synopsys' DesignWare ARC Processor IP includes the DesignWare ARC EM, ARC 600 and ARC 700 families of 32-bit processor cores, as well as the DesignWare ARC Audio and ARC Video solutions. The ARC processor cores are highly configurable and enable SoC designers to implement a full range of embedded microprocessors optimized for their specific target application. The ARC Audio and ARC Video solutions include highly specialized cores combined with optimized codecs, offering the most complete audio and standard-definition video solutions for SoC designs available in the market.

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MIPS Technologies is a leading provider of industry-standard processor architectures and cores that power some of the world's most popular products for the home entertainment, communications, networking and portable multimedia markets.

For more than two decades, MIPS Technologies has been a leader and innovator in the worldwide embedded semiconductor market. At the heart of MIPS is its architecture, developed 20 years ago by Stanford University engineering Professor John Hennessy-now president of Stanford University. Hennessy took the lead in RISC processing and created an elegant, streamlined architecture with a scalability that has met the demands of generations of applications, preserving the wealth of development tools and software that support them. Today, the MIPS architecture is an industry standard and the performance leader within the embedded industry

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ARM designs the technology that lies at the heart of advanced digital products, from wireless, networking and consumer entertainment solutions to imaging, automotive, security and storage devices.

The ARM comprehensive product offering includes 64-bit and 32-bit RISC microprocessors, graphics processors, enabling software, cell libraries, embedded memories, high-speed connectivity products, peripherals and development tools. Combined with comprehensive design services, training, support and maintenance, and the company's broad Partner community, they provide a total system solution that offers a fast, reliable path to market for leading electronics companies.

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What began in 1990 as the Performance Optimization With Enhanced RISC (POWER) has evolved into the Power Architecture platform today, the foundation for some of the world's most pervasive applications in fields as varied as automotive control, wireless infrastructure, enterprise severs and home entertainment systems. It represents a rich history of technical innovations and market-right solutions.

The PowerPC architecture began in the early '90s as a collaboration between Motorola (now Freescale Semiconductor), IBM and Apple - a three-way partnership defining an optimized architecture for general purpose computing. PowerPC technology is well known today, especially within the embedded marketplace.
With the creation of and the Power Architecture Advisory Council, the technology is now evolving through a community environment.

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OpenCores is the world�s largest site/community for development of hardware IP cores as open source. host the source code for different digital HW projects (IP-cores, SoC, boards, etc) and support the users with different tools, platforms, forums and other useful information.

The aim of the OpenRISC project is to create free and open source computing platforms available under the GNU (L)GPL license. The platforms aim to provide: 1) a free, open source RISC architecture with DSP features, 2) a set of free, open source implementations of the architecture
a complete set of free, and 3) open source software development tools, libraries, operating systems and applications.

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With a base of high-quality research and development, an advanced design development platform environment, and wide-ranging manufacturing technologies, Renesas Electronics provides competitive products in the areas of microcontrollers, system LSIs, plus analog and power devices.

With the world's largest microcontroller market share as the driving force, Renesas are expanding their system LSI business worldwide, to strengthen business and customer relationships in developing countries, and to expand our capabilities into new markets such as green solutions.

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Berkeley's RISC-V (pronounced 'risk-five') is an instruction set architecture (ISA) that was originally designed to support computer architecture research and education and is now becoming a standard open architecture for industry implementations under the governance of the RISC-V Foundation.

The RISC-V ISA was originally developed in the Computer Science Division of the EECS Department at the University of California, Berkeley.

In contrast to most ISAs, the RISC-V ISA can be freely used for all types of use, permitting anyone to design, manufacture and sell RISC-V chips and software.

While not the first open ISA, it is significant because it is designed to be useful in modern computerized devices such as warehouse-scale cloud computers, high-end mobile phones and the smallest embedded systems. Such uses demand that the designers consider both performance and power efficiency.

The instruction set also has a substantial body of supporting software, which fixes a usual weakness of new instruction sets.

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Andes Technology Corporation is the leading Asia-based supplier of high performance, low-power, small embedded CPU cores serving 2-billion SoCs.

Andes becomes the first mainstream CPU IP provider to adopt RISC-V, the open RISC Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) developed at the University of California Berkeley. Andes ISA, called AndeStar V5, supports 64-bits and the widely known RISC-V ISA as its subset and will bring the open, compact, and modular RISC-V into mainstream SoC applications.

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lowRISC is a not-for-profit company with a full stack engineering team based in Cambridge, UK. They use collaborative engineering to develop and maintain open source silicon designs and tools.

Ibex (formerly known as zero-riscy) is a small 32 bit RISC-V core. With its two-stage pipeline and support for the RV32IMC instruction set Ibex is ideally suited as control core in many embedded scenarios. Ibex is a high-quality core: together with the RTL, lowRISC provides full UVM-based verification, extensive documentation and all the tools to successfully integrate Ibex into designs. All development of Ibex is performed in the open in the lowRISC/ibex GitHub project, where we also have an issue tracker to ask questions or get feedback from our developers.

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Microsemi Corporation offers a comprehensive portfolio of semiconductor and system solutions for aerospace and defense, communications, data center and industrial markets. Products include high-performance and radiation-hardened analog mixed-signal integrated circuits, FPGAs, SoCs and ASICs; power management products; timing and synchronization devices and precise time solutions, setting the world�s standard for time; voice processing devices; RF solutions; discrete components; enterprise storage and communication solutions, security technologies and scalable anti-tamper products; Ethernet solutions; Power-over-Ethernet ICs and midspans; as well as custom design capabilities and services.

Microsemi offers a comprehensive software tool chain and IP core for RISC-V FPGA designs.

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Xilinx is the world�s leading provider of All Programmable FPGAs, SoCs and 3D ICs. These industry-leading devices are coupled with a next-generation design environment and IP to serve a broad range of customer needs, from programmable logic to programmable systems integration.

MicroBlaze is the industry-leader in FPGA-based soft processors, with advanced architecture options like AXI or PLB interface, Memory Management Unit (MMU), instruction and data-side cache, configurable pipeline depth, Floating-Point unit (FPU), and much more. MicroBlaze is a 32-bit RISC Harvard architecture soft processor core, a highly flexible architecture, plus a rich instruction set optimized for embedded applications.

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Altera is the world�s leading provider of All Programmable FPGAs, SoCs and 3D ICs. These industry-leading devices are coupled with a next-generation design environment and IP to serve a broad range of customer needs, from programmable logic to programmable systems integration.

Altera's Nios� II processor, the world's most versatile processor, according to Gartner Research, is the most widely used soft processor in the FPGA industry. The Nios II processor delivers unprecedented flexibility for your cost-sensitive, real-time, safety-critical (DO-254), ASIC-optimized, and applications processing needs. The Nios II processor supports all Altera� SoCs, FPGA and HardCopy� ASIC device families, and is also available for standard-cell ASICs through Synopsys�.

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OpenHW Group is a not-for-profit, global organization driven by its members and individual contributors where hardware and software designers collaborate in the development of open-source cores, related IP, tools and software. OpenHW Group provides an infrastructure for hosting high quality open-source HW developments in line with industry best practices.

There are a range of cores, known as CORE-V with the initial one being the 32 bit CV32E40P originally known as the PULP RI5CY core (from ETH Zurich university). The CORE-V CV32E40P is a 32bit, 4-stage core that implements, RV32IMFCXpulp, has an optional 32-bit FPU supporting the F extension and instruction set extensions for DSP operations, including hardware loops, SIMD extensions, bit manipulation and post-increment instructions. The CV32E40P has been extensively verified against the Imperas OVP golden reference model.

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Codasip were the first providers of a commercial RISC-V processor IP and experts in processor customization, they develop cutting-edge technology to help users design exactly the core that they need - quickly, safely, predictably, and in thoroughly verified quality. Automating most of the process, Codasip uses revolutionary technology that is unmatched in the market.

Codasip processor cores are built on RISC-V, a modern open Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) and implemented in Codasip Studio(tm). This means that they are offered either using a conventional licensing model as RTL, testbenches and SDK, or by licensing the CodAL code used to create the core. If users license the CodAL, they can use the core as a quick starting point for their own custom design using the unique Codasip Studio toolset.

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