Imperas to present webinar on Imperas / OVP / Cadence tool integration

In April, Cadence announced their EDA360 vision for the industry. A key component of that is the move in product design to have more and more software and in fact have software drive a lot of the design requirements and process. This is excellent news for OVP because as software gets more complex, then more and more people will require simulation of platforms (virtual platforms) to develop their software on. This is what OVP is focused on - and so we see this Cadence EDA360 move as articulating a trend that we have seen - more developers need better tools to develop embedded software. The EDA 360 vision is good for OVP and OVP users.

On September 22nd, Simon Davidmann, CEO Imperas, and founding director of OVP will be presenting at a Cadence Webinar on how OVP works with Cadence's Incisive SystemC simulation and how with software verification tools, software engineers can verify the functionality of their code (such as drivers) in the context of the complete OS running on a virtual platform. For more information please visit the� link at Cadence: Webinar information.