Imperas Names Tokyo NanoFarm as Representative in Japan

Tokyo NanoFarm to Sell Imperas and Open Virtual Platform Products

OXFORD, United Kingdom, October 12, 2011 - Imperas� today announced that it has named Tokyo NanoFarm LLC as its representative in Japan. Tokyo NanoFarm will be selling both the Open Virtual Platforms� (OVP�) OVPsim simulator, as well as the Imperas Multicore/Multiprocessor Software Development Kit (M*SDK�). The OVP Fast Processor Models, with over 80 different models in the OVP library, now the de facto standard for instruction accurate, high performance models of processor cores, are available at no charge from the OVP website.

�Japan is an exciting market for embedded software, and Imperas is addressing the most critical issue, software development,� said Hidemi Yokokawa, president of Tokyo NanoFarm. �The combination of their Open Virtual Platforms, especially the OVP Fast Processor Models, and the Imperas Multicore/Multiprocessor Software Development Kit (M*SDK�), with its advanced tools for embedded software verification, analysis and debug, is a great value to bring to software developers in Japan.�

�Japan is a significant developer of embedded systems and software,� said Larry Lapides, vice president of sales for Imperas. �We have had OVP users in Japan in both the industrial and academic worlds since the launch of OVP over three years ago, and they represent a significant portion of the over 5,000 people registered on the OVP website. As we start promoting OVP and M*SDK in Japan, we are excited to have an organization of the caliber and experience of Tokyo NanoFarm representing Imperas in Japan.�

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