Imperas donates 'open' virtual platform infrastucture

By Richard Goering


Aiming to boost the virtual platform market for software developers, Imperas Ltd. this week (March 3) is launching a set of technology donations called Open Virtual Platforms (OVP). With APIs, models, and a simulator, OVP promises an open, standard infrastructure for virtual platform development.
According to Imperas, OVP-based platforms can meet the needs of embedded software developers with simulations that execute at hundreds of MIPS. OVP-based platforms also support multicore architectures, which was Imperas' original focus. Imperas will support and manage the OVP web site, which provides the following for free download:
  • C language APIs for building platform verification infrastructure, and developing behavioral and processor models.
  • Open-source library of models for processors, components, peripherals, and platform templates.
  • OVPsim, a free reference simulator shipped as an executable.

According to Simon Davidmann, Imperas CEO, OVP is the most important...

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