Imperas CEO Interviewed by Cadence on Connecting Virtual Platforms To HW/SW Verification

Richard Goering Interviews Simon Davidmann at DAC2010

Imperas has been doing some interesting work with Cadence that involves the integration of virtual platform models with Incisive simulation and Incisive Software Extensions. Simon Davidmann, Imperas CEO, talked about that work in a Cadence Design Automation Conference 2010 booth presentation, and continued the discussion afterwards in a video interview.

Imperas has taken an unusual approach to the virtual platform market - it offers models and much of its simulation and prototyping technology available for free, through the Open Virtual Platforms (OVP) initiative. Imperas also provides technology that makes it possible to analyze what's going on in the models at run time.

To read the article and to watch the video interview please visit the Cadence site here.

To watch the video interview on YouTube go here.