Faster Than Reality - Whatever it is, whatever it does, it's all good as long as it's fast.

An interesting article in the Embedded Technology Journal by Bryon Moyer

It better be fast.

Whatever it is, whatever it does, it�s all good as long as it�s fast.

We live for speed in our supercharged world.


Software simulation is not really new; instruction-set simulators (ISSs) have been around forever. But we�ve gone from cross-development between platforms to building software for traditional (meaning PC-board-based) embedded systems to development of software for single-chip embedded systems.

The costs of getting it wrong when developing across desktop platforms are in time and annoyance. Similarly with traditional embedded systems; you might have to do a PC-board spin, but, while not desirable, it�s not a deal-killer.


Maybe I�ve been asleep for a while as the world passed me by, but something slapped me upside the head a couple weeks ago at DAC when talking with Imperas. They have just announced that their software simulation speed has improved by 50%. Now� that�s a pretty good speedup by typical measures, but, then again, it�s yet another press release with yet another performance improvement. One of a dozen such releases that get issued on any given month. A good thing, to be sure, but, unless it affects you specifically, it�s something of a yawner.

Until you realized one thing: the simulator is running faster than the actual system will run.

Maybe much faster. They�re claiming that their OVPsim provides ISS speeds of 2 GIPS.

Perhaps this ...

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