EDA ESL startup Imperas close to launch

By Michael Santarini, Senior Editor -- EDN, 12/18/2007

Over the last couple of years, there�s been a lot of talk in the ESL niche of the EDA community about a small startup called Imperas Design. Since it�s founding a couple of years ago, the company has been releasing only vague details about its product direction to the press but enough information to EDA analyst Gary Smith for him to describe it as having one of the most promising product directions in years. And that�s pretty impressive, considering the company has yet to commercially release its first product. EDN has learned, however, that Imperas will introduce its product early next year, but has had to alter its focus a bit.

Certainly one of the reasons this startup has been raising expectations is because the company is being run by industry veteran Simon Davidmann, who has a track record for being...

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